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How to Sew Darts
Mar 29, 2022 sewing tutorial victorian

Knowing how to properly sew darts is very important especially for Victorian clothing. In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Mark the darts
  • Prepare the darts for sewing
  • Make smooth, beautiful darts

Two important tools needs for marking the darts are:

  1. A pattern tracing wheel
  2. Transfer paper


A Closer Look at Two Antique Godey's Lady's Books

Godey's Lady's Book


Godey's Lady's Book was a very popular woman's magazine in nineteenth century America. Originally founded in 1830 by Louis A. Godey, he bought the Boston-based Ladies Magazine in 1837 and hired its female editor Sarah Hale to modernized the new...

Placing the Paisley Shawl in Nineteenth-Century Fashion

Welcome to the Replay of our Presentation!

Placing the Paisley Shawl in Nineteenth-Century Fashion

Abstract (Lucy McConnell)

The Paisley shawl was one of the most recognisable accessories in western fashion through the nineteenth century. Originally produced in Kashmir India, the pine pattern...

7 Strange Facts about the History of Victorian Mourning Wear

In the northern hemisphere, November is the month of death. The world descends into winter darkness while leafless trees cut the sky. The earth mourns for her beautiful, bountiful summer. For this reason, November is the perfect month to explore the topic of Victorian mourning wear.

Here are...

Learn how to make an 18th century bum roll!
Jul 21, 2021 tutorial

Bum rolls have been used in the 16th and 18th Century to provide support for the other garments and give skirts more fullness at the waist. Follow along to learn how to accurately recreate this once fashionable piece.

Hamilton's Green Suit
May 28, 2021 article

Today, Disney+ presents the cinematic version of the award-winning Broadway show Hamilton. Filmed with the original, racially-diverse Broadway cast, including Lin Manuel Miranda as Hamilton, the musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. I had the...